Cloud Storage

Suitable for users with large storage.
Who often move or work outside the office

New generation storage solution

replacing traditional data storage methods, easier and safer to use than ever before.

All personal and working data is saved and synchronized to mobile devices safely and quickly, easy to manage and limit the risk of data loss.

Classify resources used for each access object, secure data to avoid the risk of external attacks

RAID method helps protect data safely, supports multiple backup and synchronization methods to allow users to work remotely

Computer repair and maintenance services
with reasonable and economical cost

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    Support Information

    • Receive support information via email or phone
    • Survey and advise on suitable solutions
    • Deploy on-demand solutions
    • Operation and error checking during proccess
    • Delivery and payment of implementation costs
    • Receive support information via phone
    • Install remote control software
    • Check and repair the problem that is happening
    • Directly to the troubleshooting on site if remote repair is not possible
    • Payment after completing troubleshoot
    • Customers without device storage: provide suitable storage devices
    • Customers have storage systems: provide the optimal solution for free storage systems
    • Customers often move for work: provide hosting services at an economical and reasonable cost

    Reference Price List


    Solution consulting

    Support remote computer repairing
    10 USD / Computer

    Checking, Repairing, Deploying software

    Remote or on-site

    The price list varies depending on the number of computers and devices for each company

    100 USD / year

    Backup & Sync data across multiple devices

    Unlimited capacity

    Please contact for more details